Young, innovative, unique Carlos manages to unite different musical worlds, but let’s get to know him better

What got you into music?

Music is my passion, I always wanted to get involved in some way, I went to guitar and singing lessons, but then I discovered music production and I knew that was my thing.


How is your creative process?

I like to listen to many songs before creating mine, I try to find inspiration and sounds that I would like to imitate in my productions, then I reply this and add my personal touch.


You sing in the shower? what songs?

I must admit that if hahaha, rap and hip hop songs, is my favorite musical genre.

What are your favorite and least favorite places?

I like many places outdoors, beaches, parks, I feel more comfortable and inspire me more. On the contrary I try to avoid closed places or places where there are many people.


How do you feel that the internet has impacted the music business?

Sharing our music is now easier than before, thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, etc. This helps us to have more visibility and reach more public.


What famous musicians do you admire?

As I said before I like rap, my favorite artists are Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller and Rich Brian.


Here’s some links to listen Carlos Music